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Holy Bible Old Testament – Audiobook Brazilian Portuguese


Free Download

Listen to audio Bible, narrated in Brazilian Portuguese language in MP3 format, including all books and chapters of Holy Bible, from the Christian Old Testament.

You can listen and download all books and chapters of Holy Bible – Old Testament. It is a talking bible / audio bible that you can hear over the Internet, even with a low speed connection.

Here’s an easy way to start an expositional study through a book of the Bible, verse by verse, chapter by chapter.

AUDIO NOT IN ENGLISH: This audio book is a podcast format, with all chapters of Holy Bible – Old Testament narrated in Brazilian Portuguese language.

The Old Testament either refers to the 39 canonical books of the Hebrew Scriptures written prior to the coming of Christ, or to the time period before Christ came, when God’s people belonged to the nation of Israel. A better translation for “Old Testament” would probably be “Old Covenant”, while some also prefer “First Testament.”